A new year


a new bird feederred_bird_feeder

One that is especially designed to keep the bully birds blue jays out so that the little song-birds can eat.

It works perfectly. The blue jays are happy on the other feeders and the little birds can eat to their hearts’ content.

But, there’s a little catch with the new feeder.

It not only claimed to keep the bigger birds out, it also claimed to be “squirrel-proof”.

Here’s a closer look at picture #1 in this post.

What could that be?? Let’s back up a bit and show this blurry shot.

Hmmmm . . .  that  looks suspiciously like a squirrel on my “squirrel-proof” feeder.

I took this shot a few days later  – definite proof that my “squirrel-proof” feeder wasn’t all that it claimed to be.


To be fair, I’m sure the makers of this product didn’t have our Island squirrels in mind – they’re quite tiny.


And cute.

Good thing!


10 thoughts on “new

  1. nikkipolani says:

    I guess cute counts for a lot! I’d no idea Island squirrels were so much smaller.


  2. Susanne says:

    Oh that sneaky and cheeky little guy! But he is cute. Love the pretty little chickadees. One of my favorite birds.


  3. Ellen says:

    Oh those sneaky little squirrels. Too funny!

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  4. anneliese says:

    That photo of the squirrel in the feeder is quite funny! He is very cute for a critter. Your photos are so clear!

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    1. Kathie says:

      He’s pretty cute Anneliese – and bold. He doesn’t even run away now – just looks right at us 🙂


  5. Rosella Leis says:

    Oops – not very squirrel proof indeed! Great pictures Kathie! I just learned on Facebook today that Sparrows have a life span of 15.75 years! I found that amazing.

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    1. Kathie says:

      Thanks Rosella! Wow – I didn’t know that about sparrows. We have a lot of the White-throated ones at our feeder in the summer.


  6. Sweet photos of the chickadee and the squirrel. I like your feeder and if it was hanging on my clothesline the squirrels wouldn’t get near it! I like that the seed is protected from the rain a bit too. We get Hairy Woodpeckers all the time and they hog the sunflower silo. I can see an investment coming. 🙂 Have a great week!

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    1. Kathie says:

      We get hairy woodpeckers too Pam, as well as the downy, but mostly on our suet feeder. Once I saw a pileated woodpecker – it just landed on the tree and then took off. Wish I had gotten a picture!


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