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winter gifts

1. Sunrise through my kitchen window


2. Blossoms ~ย  tulips on our kitchen table.

Cheery little primula. A promise of lovely things to come.

3.ย  A snowy afternoon walk with Sophie.

Such a happy dog in the snow.


4. A sleeping kitty ~ no snowy treks for Mila please. She likes her winter sun through the window ๐Ÿ™‚


5.ย  Soup for supper



Corn chowder and home-made biscuits spread with butter and molasses ~ mmm!ย  (soup recipe found here andย  award winning PE Island biscuit recipes here)

Oh there are so many more – books, a good movie in the evening, a cosy fire, visits from sweet little grandbabies, game nights with friends, emails and pictures from travelling family (Ethiopia and Australia!)ย  but Susanne makes the rules – it’s Friday Fave 5.ย  (They’ll keep for future posts and help me get back into the blogging rhythm ๐Ÿ™‚ )

What winter things are you enjoying? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Happy weekend!

with love,




26 thoughts on “winter gifts

  1. I am so late getting around to read and comment on the FFFs! Sorry! I hope you are staying warm and safe from the storm. Will your dog still want a snowy day walk? I’m with the cat–I’ll enjoy your photos of the snow.
    Love your first photo!!

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  2. Your photos always make me smile, Kathie. . . . The weather is not so wintery here but I have been wearing some beautiful new gloves I received for Christmas. I guess that is kind of wintery.

    And I have been making and eating soup. Thanks for sharing your recipe of corn chowder. It looks yummy!

    Have a great week and I look forward to reading more about your days.


  3. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! Love them. My daughter was just saying she wants to learn to make corn chowder so I’m totally going to borrow that recipe. Maybe I can get her to attempt the biscuits too!

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    • You’ll love it Susanne. A little tip? I use canned milk and it really adds to the flavour. And here’s a biscuit tip – let the dough be sticky – almost shaggy – it makes for a nice light biscuit. They’re a staple around here.


  4. Your pictures are just beautiful Kathie! Those tulips are such a bright spot this time of year. That sunrise picture is stunning. I am not so fond of winter but try to embrace it by curling, taking pictures on frosty mornings, quilting, cooking, and going for walks on my days off. Now I’m off to check out your recipes – they sound wonderful.

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    • I think that’s the ticket to enjoying winter Rosella – embrace it! and get the right winter wear. it’s hard to enjoy it if you’re cold. I finally have a good down coat and great winter boots. I love to take walks on even the coldest days – I just pull up my fur-lined hood and head out. It’s always so beautiful.


    • Thanks Anne! We haven’t had that much snow this year – the snow in those shots only lasted a couple of days. But we’re in for a storm this week so hopefully we’ll get a good amount. I actually enjoy winter more when there’s snow. It covers all the bare.


  5. All of your photos are gorgeous but that sunrise is spectacular.

    My son and d-i-l brought me some pink tulips this week, too – such a nice foretaste of spring.

    I’m with Mila! ๐Ÿ™‚

    That soup looks really good.

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  6. Phoebe's World says:

    Beautiful, beautiful photographs Kathie
    The sunrise is amazing….I would love to see that through my window
    The flowers are lovely…you have inspired me too bring some colour into our little apartment kitchen
    What adorable pets you have. Right now I’m looking at our cat fast asleep on the couch…Scruffy by name …scruffy by nature
    Delicious looking soup…thank you for sharing the recipes
    Have a wonderful week
    Phoebe x

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  7. I love the sunrise and tulips photos!! tulips are my absolute fave flowers!!!! maybe I will splurge after work and pick up some from the market. I’ve enjoyed the following winter things: teaching my now 16 yr old ballerina how to drive, cozy fleece blankets, cozy fleece leggings, fleece sox, ( see a pattern here??) , hot steaming mugs of cinnamon tea, working out at the gym, and praying for a bit warmer weather so I can start hiking again!!! ๐Ÿ˜„

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  8. That sunrise is beautiful! I’m also enjoying tulips, Kalanchoe, daisies and mums, beautiful sunrises, biscuits with molasses along side the beef stew, beautiful sunny days, no pets. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think we’ll both be getting some snow by Sunday morning. Have a beautiful weekend Kathie.

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    • I had to look Kalanchoe up – I’ve had that plant before but it died on me. They’re quite pretty! No snow this Sunday morning here on the Island – we had rain. But I hear a doozy of a storm is coming on Tuesday! yay!


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