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Juno is bearing down on the Maritimes. The snow is coming down, the winds are picking up, and our house is cocooned in a swirl of white. We can’t even see the church just across the road from us.

(hang on little squirrelly)

(hang on little squirrelly!!)

There’s been lots of warning  about this huge storm, especially from weather network stations – phrases like “crippling”, “frightening mammoth blizzard”, “potentially historic blizzard”, “epic snowstorm blast” tend to heighten the excitement (or “weather panic” as some folks around here like to call it).

winter storm(image from weather network)

No doubt this is a big one.  And it does have serious consequences, especially in urban and coastal areas, and for those travelling. But Islanders, in particular, and Maritimers, in general, tend to take winter storms in stride. We’re used to them. And we usually enjoy them, as long as everyone is safely inside and off the roads.

We prepare by bringing in plenty of wood to keep the stove going, filling a few buckets of water and making sure the flashlight is charged (in case we lose power), pulling out the board games, and most importantly, buying stormchips. 😉

No, you won’t find us succumbing to weather panic, but if the stores ran out of stormchips?

That would be another story all together




10 thoughts on “Juno

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and the big storm! I just heard on CBC Radio the other day about “storm chips” – I love it!!!! I’ll bet you’re thinking of doing some baking (isn’t that what you like to do on stormy days?). Stay safe and warm….

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    • Thanks Ellen! We haven’t lost power so far, but it’s turning to freezing rain tonight so there’s a real chance we will. We’ll be extra thankful for the woodstove if it does.


  2. I sure wish I was sitting in front of that fire right now Kathie. It’s so cold in our house as the wind is blowing fiercely on the front window. I even have a down vest on! lol It’s quite a storm but I think the snow has let up a bit although the wind is wreaking havoc with the snow that is already down. I’m glad you’re safe and cozy. Take care.

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    • Oh dear, have you folks lost power? Sorry you’re feeling the cold Pam! The winds are blowing pretty hard here too but the stove is keeping our place toasty. Hope it dies down soon for you.You take care too. xx


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