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A Winter’s Day

A very warm welcome to a winter’s Friday Fave 5!

Yesterday was what I call a perfect winter’s day – clear blue sky, crisp cold air and a beautiful covering of freshly fallen snow.

1. So, I’d like to begin my Friday blessing list with the gift of winter days.


I love living in a place with four distinct seasons ~ including winter.

winter_berries.It certainly has its challenges. There’s shovelling (much love and thanks to to my hard-working hubby!) and cleaning off the car in the morning to get to work. (good job Sarah!)

Image (7) first%20snow_r.JPG for post 6266 Image (8) first%20snow_s.JPG for post 6266
2. But there’s nothing like coming in from the cold to glowing warmth and a singing kettle (purring kitty a bonus).

And let’s not forget the comfort of a steaming hot cup of tea.

Sarah's cosy day
(Sarah’s snowday on instagram)

3. Around the woodstove is wonderful on stormy days, but on clear days? It’s time to head outdoors. I finally bought proper winter gear this year – a newΒ  down coat and a good pair of snowboots. What a difference! My feet never get cold anymore and I have a fur-lined hood to protect my face if it’s windy. You can’t enjoy the beauty if you’re freezing. But I’m never cold in my new winter outfit. No selfies yet, but just imagine me walking in comfort down this snow-covered country lane.


4. Another gift of winter? Snow photography. A winter without snow doesn’t give offer many photographic opportunities. But a winter with snow hides all the bareness and seems to warm the landscape with a white woolly blanket.

It decorates the green spruce with a thick white frosting

and dresses the bare twigs with a delicate white lace.


5. As lovely as all that is, the real magic happens in the interplay of sun and snow.

Have you ever seen sunlight strike sparks on frosty twigs?

or dangle like twinkling jewels from the evergreen branches?

or turn a snow-covered field to radiant light?

snow diamonds
Happy sigh . . . so much winter joy!

And I haven’t even mentioned snow-play yet.

Image (6) snowgirl_headstand4.JPG for post 6250

I guess that’s another post. πŸ™‚

Happy Friday!

with love,



34 thoughts on “A Winter’s Day

  1. You snow photos are just among the most beautiful I’ve seen! I love the berries topped with snow, like berries and cream and the trees sparkling with jewels.
    Love the snowman!! Someone had a great imagination!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Anneliese! I always look for
      some spots of colour to offset the white – those berries were perfect! I had a lot of fun building that snowman. I can’t wait for the snow to become snowman ready. It’s too dry and powdery now.


  2. Not only was your post winter perfect, it was also picture perfect. Sunshine makes all the difference, doesn’t it? That snowman is certainly a jolly fellow.
    I will have to encourage my girls who live in snow country to invest in truly warm coats and boots.

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  3. Kathie, we already know you can see the beauty in winter — look at all these gorgeous scenes πŸ™‚ Super glad you have solid winter gear (how have you managed so far?!) so that you can be out in it in comfort.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Susanne – I made that fellow a couple of years ago. Our snow has freezing rain mixed with it now ;( But another storm coming the first of the week. we’ve had almost all ” snow turning into rain” this year – hopefully the next one will be straight snow. And then I’ll have to do some research to come up with a fun new snow creation πŸ™‚


  4. I do like having four distinct seasons, too, though I confess winter is my least favorite of them. πŸ™‚ I have balance issues so can’t get out when it’s icy. But you’ve brought out a lot of the beauty of the season. Glad you have some warm gear to get out into it with.

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  5. Jill says:

    So many beautiful peeks at winter! I am glad you got good snow boots…I have a pair that are toasty warm so the snow is not a bother to my feet at all. Glad to see Mila again. We are snowless here! But…check out my tropical vacation baby turtle adventure!

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  6. Ellen says:

    Hello Kathie! I’m so glad you invested in some good winter gear because now you can share those beautiful winter photos with us and it helps to know you are freezing your toes off to get those photos. Glad your hubby chopped all that wood for the wood stove to keep you all warm and cozy…


    • Haha – I grew up that way. I would be having so much fun in the snow that I never wanted to come in – even if I was half-frozen. My mom would thaw my feet in a basin of luke-warm water. I’m not quite that hard-core now but I still love to be outside.


  7. love the photos and my fave as you can imagine is the country lane one…a great place for a winter hike. enjoy the weekend Kathie! I’m hoping to get outdoors for so em hiking but not if the wind chill is -15 like they are predicting!

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  8. I love all your snowy photos Kathie. A warm coat and boots sure makes a difference in getting out and enjoying winter. I love my down parka and my big galoot rubber boots. Sounds like we’re in for more snow tomorrow. Have a cozy weekend.

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