It’s Friday and time to say thanks for all the blessings!

1. April showers are falling. They’re washing away all the tired old snowbanks.

Image (8) soft%20rain.jpg for post 5778


2. And even though this is an exceptionally slow spring, it looks like we won’t have to wait til May for flowers.



My tulips are sprouting ~ at least three weeks behind, but oh. so. welcome!

3. Spring migration is definitely underway. Robins are eating seeds beneath our feeder. Normally they would be pulling up worms and eating bugs this time of year but spring has been so slow. There have been news reports of early migratory birds starving because of the snow cover in the Maritimes. We keep our feeders full and are amply paid back with all the beauty right outside our window!

American Goldfinch-plumage change

The American Goldfinches are changing from drab winter olive green to bright yellow spring plumage.

And the purple finches are back.

Purple finch2

“And hello to you too!” 🙂

We noted a brand new bird to our feeder – the fox sparrow. Notice the colour of his plumage? No wonder he’s called a fox sparrow.

fox sparrow

The red-winged blackbird has returned. His song is a sure sign of springtime.

red-winged blackbird2015

4. It’s been chilly and damp for most of the week, but inside, it’s warm and cozy with the woodstove lit in the evenings. It’s lovely to sit there with a good hot cup of tea and a book. I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time. Andrew and Hyekoo bought it for me for Christmas but it was still on back order. Then one day, on a whim, I checked the library and they had a copy. So I requested it. I was so eager to read it.

pioneer girl

It was interesting, but overall, I was a little disappointed. The Little House books are much more engaging. This book is just a bit dull. I had hoped it would be like the Annotated Anne of Green Gables – which I love. The notes in Pioneer Girl were focussed more on proving whether the Little House books were historically accurate. That just didn’t interest me very much.  There were also quite a few typographical errors which was really surprising. I guess there has been such a demand for the book that the publication was rushed and not properly proof-read. The best part of the book, in my opinion, is the gorgeous cover. I cancelled my order on Amazon. Maybe I’ll finally order an Annotated Anne – now that’s a book I’d love to have on my shelves.anne annotated

5. Now . . . the best for last!

Poinbt Prim ice kayaking

Perfect conditions – sunshine and no wind.


Back on the water with my kayaking buddy.

point prim kayak

So happy!

April24 banner

Thanks for joining me this week. Hope you enjoyed your visit!

with love,


PS – for more Friday Favourites, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story

FFF spring

16 thoughts on “Friday’s favourites

  1. Sara says:

    What a gorgeous place you live in! Those kayaking photos are truly magnificent. I’ve never seen ice on water like that, but evidently it is a common thing where you live. All that shining blue water and the blue sky and the reflections make such a beautiful photo. Your birds are very colorful too! Thank you for sharing these blessings with the rest of us.


  2. Judy says:

    Beautiful pic’s…as always! You make a great ambassador for your part of our country!


  3. Susanne says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful, beautiful! I’m so late coming around, life just got in the way of my blogging. But what a brush of fresh air to look at all your lovely pics. Spring is finally here also though yesterday was more like midsummer with a weird 27*.


  4. anneliese says:

    I’m always enthralled with the beautiful birds you have there!
    Thanks for the review on the Laura Ingals wilder – Pioneer Girl.
    The cover IS beautiful!


  5. Willow says:

    Kayaking! I know you are so so so happy to be back on the water! That’s the best fave of the week. And spring is truly arriving–in the photos of the finches, I noticed tiny buds on the tree branches–more proof that the season is turning.


  6. beth p says:

    Kathie, the kayaking photos are incredible. What fun! I know you’re glad to be back on the water again.


  7. Spring is awesome. It was early for us this year. Lovely shots of the birds.
    Amazing shots of kayaking on the lake with the ice.


  8. Jody says:

    Oh Kathie, I just love spring in your neck of the woods. The kayaking is amazing. The snow, as you know, will bring lots of beauty to you in time. Here, we are dry and had very little snow, so it’s a slow, crunchy, dry spring thus far. We are praying for rains to come yet this spring. Thank you for sharing your inspirational, beautiful, creative photos with us.


  9. Ellen says:

    Oh mercy me, the kayaking shots are just so breathtaking! Beautiful. Loved all the birds, too. Snowdrops are so sweet and delicate looking! Have a wonderful weekend.


  10. Barbara H. says:

    What gorgeous photos! Love seeing all the birds – glad you keep food out for them!

    I had the same thing happen with the annotated Pioneer Girl – it was backordered because they’d run out. I’m amazed they didn’t anticipate so many people wanting it. I haven’t started it yet, though – hopefully will this week.

    I’m glad you’re able to get back to kayaking! Neat to see the ice floes – hopefully they’ll be gone before long.


  11. Rosella Leis says:

    Your pictures are simply stunning Kathie!!!! You live in such an amazing part of this country. The birds are beautiful and I’m so happy to see that Spring is springing where you are – this Winter has been relentless! We still have some snow on the ground from last weekend but I know Spring will come soon.


  12. Kathie, your photos today are stunning. The birds are so pretty and I’m so happy to see, and hear, them all back. The photos of the water while kayaking are gorgeous!! You should send them to Our Canada magazine or enter a photo contest. 🙂 Have a blessed week ahead. Hopefully this cool damp weather will soon leave us with warm sunny days.


  13. Faith says:

    gorgeous photos like always!! wow you get the kayaks in the water so early!!! we dont until the end of May. i cant wait! no hiking for me this weekend as too much going in with church things, spring cleaning and family events but a nice walk in the neighborhood will suffice. happy weekend!!!


  14. Gattina says:

    Very beautiful pictures ! Our spring also arrived with the speed of a snail ! But in one week of warm and sunny weather it started blooming everywhere ! I love this season.


  15. Bev Klassen says:

    Beautiful pictures again, Kathie, thank you for sharing them. I’ve never heard of the Fox Sparrow. He’s gorgeous! And what could be more amazing
    than kayaking among the icebergs – what a gift of wonder that must be!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kathie says:

      Thanks Bev! Isn’t that fox sparrow a beautiful bird? This is the first year I’ve seen one too.

      Kayaking among the ice floe is so awesome! The water is crystal clear, the colours are stunning and it just feels so wonderful to be on the water after a long winter!


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