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well . . .


They tell me it’s autumn but it’s a little hard to believe when the sky is  soft summer blue and the sun is warm and sparkling diamond-lights on the sea.


We’re still heading to the beach – sitting with our faces to the sun,  breathing the salt air and listening to the rhythmic breaking of the waves against the sand. Do you know the sound of waves is healing? It’s the most peaceful place in the world to me.


yes, and still swimming!


We’re kayaking on the river, our feet dangling in the warm water.


And exploring new rivers, kayaking through marshes and a culvert right to the river’s head.


We’re picking sun-warmed tomatoes and eating them juicy fresh from the garden.

Garden_flower_sept collage2

We’re feasting our eyes on the flowers, still blooming madly in the flowerbeds, window-boxes and garden.

I’m sure I’ll get over my summer crush in time to enjoy the Island autumn beauty when it arrives.


There’s no doubt it’s magical too.


18 thoughts on “well . . .

  1. We had a few blazing hot days last week and now fall is definitely in the air. It got down to 0*C last night. Brrr. The sun is out and gorgeous but it’s got that cooler edge in the air. Sigh. I bit the bullet and packed away my shorts today. Your pictures are stunning!

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    • That was last Friday (Sept 25) and the water really was warm – warmer than July. Since I wrote this post the weather has turned cold at night – so the water would be cooler now. Time to pull out my wetsuit 😉


    • I’ve seen a few patches of red here and there just over the last few days. But our daytime temperatures are still so nice. I’m like you – I’ll take it for as long as it lasts! 🙂


  2. anneliese says:

    It’s hard to let go of summer. My H is talking about putting away the patio set any weekend now – he wants to do it when it’s still dry, of course, but it’s always a sad goodbye to the thought of going out and enjoying the sun or dinner on the patio.
    Enjoy those last days at the beach. I see you swim with your glasses on. =)

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  3. Janice MacDonald says:

    You are so like your Mom! Leona LOVED to swim. Swimming as long as possible every year! I remember one fall we both swam until Sept. 22nd. (Me at at a very special quiet spot on Pammure Island). Brings a huge smile to my face. Love the picture of the trail. Trapper and I would love to try it out. Would you please share where we might find it? Thank you so much for sharing. Love your blog. Pictures and quotes are beautiful!

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    • I am like mom Janice!! and Flea – they went swimming at the cottage on a Thanksgiving weekend and bragged about it to no end! 🙂

      That road is very close to home – it’s Jack’s Rd. I took the picture last Oct.


    • Well Judy – we certainly have had Sept. so far. It’s just starting to cool off at night and in the mornings. But the days are brilliant! Hopefully we’ll have a great leaf season. The possibilities for picture-taking are endless 🙂


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