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All red and gold . . .

It was October again. A glorious October, all red and gold… ~ Anne of Green Gables.

culloden Rd2_oct_leaves

It’s Friday  – blessing list day. And I’m having problems keeping it to five. Which, I suppose, is a blessing in itself 🙂

But seriously – look where I live . . .


October on the Island is a continual feast for the eyes

colville rd_autumn_pond

and for the soul.


I wish I could whisk you all here somehow, so that you could look up into that clear blue endless sky and inhale the spicy autumn air and walk on a brilliant leafy carpet beneath a burnished gold and scarlet canopy.


This glory is brief  –  we all know it. Maybe that’s why we treasure it so much.

near jacks rd

Close your eyes and it’s easy to imagine a horse-drawn buggy coming around the bend on this quiet heritage road.


Follow a winding footpath deep into the woods and find a hidden pond.


It was achingly beautiful here. Not a breath of wind stirring. Not a ripple on the pond’s surface. Just a perfect mirror reflection of trees and clouds and sky.  So quiet.


Well . . . perhaps not so quiet. We were there 🙂 It was the perfect place for our annual Thanksgiving hike. We were missing our little UK family and Nora, who had to work this year.

1.October days 2. Fall leaves 3. PEI’s heritage roads 4. pond reflections 5. family hikes  – feeling so blessed!

Thanks so much for joining me!

with love,

PS – For more  blessing lists visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story

FFF fall background


32 thoughts on “All red and gold . . .

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  2. Your red dirt roads are always fascinating to me. What gorgeous fall colours. God truly is the best artist. I’ve always wanted to go to PEI but you’re making it hard for me to decide whether I want to go in the summer or in the fall!

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  3. Wow – yes, look at where you live! Thanks for sharing these photos.

    Someday my daughter and I want to visit PEI. While searching about our family, she found out that my grandfather was born there. I’ve always imagined a connection with the island (b/c of Anne) and now I find out there is a real one. 😉

    Your family photo is precious. There is always one who has to do bunny ears. That made me smile.

    Thanks for the idea to check Pinterest for help with my lettering. Lots of choices there..

    It was great to “see” you again through fff. I’ve missed you and your photo-documentation. 😉

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  4. Mary Powers says:

    I came over from my friend, Willow’s blog, and I immediately thought that Has to be M Island! We just moved from MIchigan this spring, and your photos were balm to this homesick heart. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ah…your island is so much like my mountains…especailly the Adirondacks and Berkshires minus the ocean😀 Happy belated Thanksgiving to you…your grandchildren are growing so quickly!!

    ps my husband wants to know if PEI charges for getting on or for getting off the island?? we still talk about doing a trip there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Faith! Tell your hubby that we let everyone on the Island for free – and we charge you for leaving. Maybe that’s why so many come here for a visit and end up staying 😉


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