Welcome to a  November blessing list. Some find this month a difficult one. The time changes and darkness closes in early. Autumn leaves fade and fall to a brittle crispness underfoot. But there is always beauty to be found if you will look. And there are always reasons to be thankful.

Now . . . we could stay inside in front of the cosy fire with a purring cat, a good book and a steaming cup of tea with a spicy ginger cookie or two.

or we could go outside. I’m thankful for both options.

1. November Walks –  I’ve been out almost every day this month. Sophie is so happy exploring wood trails with me.


and some new beach scouting for next summer is also fun.


2. November Sunsets  – L M. Montgomery describes November so eloquently, 

“November — the month of crimson sunsets, parting birds, deep, sad hymns of the sea, passionate wind-songs in the pines.  (Anne of the Island Ch.25)

orwell bay_sunset
November glory.

orwell bay_sunset_sm

Crimson, rose, purple, orange, and blue-grey wonder.

orwell bay2_sunset

Solace for Goldengrove unleaving.

3.  After a day in the chilly November air, it’s lovely to head inside to enjoy the long November evenings. All is warm and snug in front of the kitchen stove. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend a little more time reading. I love to read cookbooks and I was really pleased when I found this one at the second-hand store.more food

Down-home, practical, thrifty family recipes – the kind I like.

And look what else I’m reading?on food and cooking

This is a very interesting, albeit challenging, read. I’ll tell you my inspiration for this book and it leads to #4 on my list of favourites this week.

4. The Great British Bake-off. I’m watching this series on youtube and it’s addictive . . .fascinating! What I find especially interesting is the science behind baking. Sometimes cookies turn out crisp – sometimes chewy – why? I’m learning a lot in an entertaining way.


5. Of course, we don’t stay in every evening.  The pre-Christmas season of craft fairs, concerts, shows, dinners and parties is just beginning. Roger and I enjoyed a delicious lamb supper, co-hosted by Harmony Meadow Farm and the Belfast Historic Society.


Cauliflower sheep centerpiece

And the boys’ show last Saturday evening was so.much.fun! Here’s a clip. Watch out for balloons! 🙂


Well, I hope you enjoyed my favourites this week. Thanks for taking the time to visit. I’m thankful you did!

Many blessings

with love,

PS – for more Friday Favourites visit Susanne at Living To Tell The StoryFFF fall background

12 thoughts on “November blessings

  1. winneyb says:

    Beautiful photography, it takes me right in!


  2. Willow says:

    What a cute sheepy centerpiece. I’d have to slightly cook the cauliflower and then EAT it afterwards since it’s so cute.
    I am considering autumn and winter as slightly more desirable since I visited the US East Coast last month. The colors are addictive. But. Snow=Cold. Shiver.
    LOVE that quote from LM Montgomery!


  3. Susanne says:

    Those skies! So beautiful! I love looking throughcookbooks too. I’ve seen commercials for that show but haven’t watched it. Maybe I’ll Youtube it.(Is that an actual verb?)


  4. Rosella says:

    Kathie – your photos are spectacular!!! The poem is beautiful and yes, November gives some glorious colour! Love the cauliflower sheep – so cute! Edna Staebler was from my neck of the woods – her cookbooks are fabulous! Enjoy the rest of November!


  5. Debbie Z. says:

    I love your reference to the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem- it is one of my favorites and I have been reminded of it many times this autumn. “…though worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie.” Your sunset photos are gorgeous.


  6. Faith says:

    Ive been outdoors as much as possible too! love autumn and your sunset photos are my very fave! just gorgeous. i like looking through cooking mags and I love the Yummly app…have found some awesome recipes through that app!! the lamb centeroiece is so unique! happy weekend.


  7. Ellen says:

    I’ve been enjoying that show, too, and just watched the final. I’ve also been enjoying Home Fires. Your November photos are beautiful and what a fun idea to drop balloons at the concert! Have a wonderful weekend.


  8. I just love the British baking show. I am rather disappointed it’s over for the season now. I’ve also been watching Homefires which comes on just after the British baking show. It is very good.


  9. A beautiful blessings list this week Kathie. Haven’t the sunsets been glorious? And we have had some beautiful days too compared to last November. Wishing you a blessed weekend and week ahead.


  10. Barbara H. says:

    Love that quote from Anne! And that lamb centerpiece is adorable. Your warm fire, good book, warm drink, and cookies sound the best to me. 🙂 But I’m glad you got out for some rambles, too. There is still a lot of color here in November – it’s January that I have a hard time with things looking bleak.

    I’m not fond of cooking shows, but I do like learning the whys behind cooking. I may have to see if I can fins and episode of that show.


  11. With pretty woods like you’ve got, I’d love to be outside, too. For me, November comes are a relief from the heat of overlong summers.


  12. jerralea says:

    Thanks for sharing the Anne quote – LM Montgomery just proved again why she is timeless.

    I love reading cookbooks, too!

    The Lamb centerpiece is so cute – and creative.


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