Hi there! This Friday Blessing list is long overdue 🙂 but here I am with no shortage of blessings to document. Hope you enjoy!

1. Beautiful winter morning light!


What a lovely sight to greet me in the morning.

winter_morning_church2. A photo expedition before the rain hit this week.

Orwell school2

Orwell Village is quiet this time of year. Sleeping under a blanket of snow.

Orwell school

But you can imagine the schoolchildren tumbling out of the schoolhouse door at recess –  shouts of laughter and rosy cheeks. Snowball fights and snowmen. Sledding and  walking along the slippery fence in feats of daring.


and here’s the little two-seater outhouse tucked away in the corner. Brrrr! That must have been a chilly (and quick!) visit in mid-winter.

Orwell church_sm

Across the lane from the schoolhouse, the little country church waits peacefully for summer visitors and even the occasional wedding.

3. Feathered friends

American Goldfinches

American goldfinch_best_sm

This is one of my favourite shots taken in December.


The males’ plumage turns more golden by the day.

Flowering crab_finch2

By late May, he’ll be a bright golden ~ ready to attract all the lucky females 🙂


They are beauties

but don’t let it fool you – they’re a feisty lot!


I’m surprised they let this Downy woodpecker eat from their feeder.


A Red-breasted Nuthatch joins a Black-capped Chickadee on the suet feeder. I used to confuse a Nuthatch with a Chickadee but it  has a unique trait – it climbs headfirst down tree trunks.  And of course, when you see them together, their plumage is quite different.


Score! I captured the catchlight in the Chickadee’s eye. It’s my goal when I photograph birds,  but I’m not always successful. Chickadees are so obliging to photographers – they’re not the least bit shy and don’t mind close-ups 🙂

4. It wouldn’t be winter without some good reading.


I was excited to find a copy of the Complete Adventures of the Borrowers second-hand – a  favourite series from my childhood.Borrowers2

I especially love the Beth and Joe Krush illustrations. They’ve illustrated many of my well-loved childbook books. It makes me happy to look at them.

with christ in the school of prayer

I’ve been re-reading another favourite. This time a devotional book by Andrew Murray ~  With Christ in The School of Prayer. You can find it free online. It’s rich and encouraging. You have to do a bit of wading through 19th century English but I don’t mind. His meditations on prayer are timeless.

I’m getting a bit desperate for another good book. Winter-time reading is perfect when you’re wrapped in a quilt, in front of the woodstove, with a good cup of tea. Big, thick, cosy books are my winter-time favourite. I may have to pick up my Miss Read series for the umpteenth time. Your reading suggestions are very welcome – meet me in the comments. 🙂

Sarah's cosy day

Sarah’s cosy day

5. A little Valentine’s Day baking for all my sweet valentines!



and here’s a bonus favourite for Friday – some updated pictures of my grandbabies

Kinsey_green coat

Kinsey in December – oh.my.heart.


and showing Nanny how she uses a cell phone for each ear. Clever girl! We have such fun now on facetime. As soon as she sees me, she starts to play peek a boo. And she can blow kisses and wave bye to me. And she loves to carry the Ipad around the flat – a dizzying experience when you’re on facetime but so cute listening to her “talk” to me the whole time 🙂 apparently she tried to call me by herself – 5:30 am our time. I didn’t hear the ring but I would have been happy to answer it if I had!

And here’s Josie and Isaiah on a recent trip to Arizona with their mom and dad. Fun times!


This is Oscar’s latest interest.


A little Paperlion cub!

Well . . . it’s good to be back on my blog and to say hello to all my blog friends.

Happy weekend!

with love

16 thoughts on “Winter blessings

  1. Rebecca Hickman says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of PEI! Hoping all is well and that you are enjoying summer on the island.


  2. Jennifer Mills says:

    I just updated my blog feed and was thrilled to find you again! Such lovely photographs! I have enjoyed a really wonderful book this year, “Parables of a Country Parson” by William E. Barton


  3. Nan says:

    More than 20 years ago, we went to a ceilidh in Orwell Village, and it was magical. We danced out into the yard, and had strawberries afterward. Your bird photos are exceptional. What kind of camera do you have? And I always, always love the grandchildren photos! Have missed your more frequent postings.


  4. anneliese says:

    It’s good to “see” you again! I marvel at the birds you have where you live and the wonderful pictures you get. Your little ones are so cute! Love that lion cub expression. Who knows if he’ll join his daddy on the road one day.


  5. nikkipolani says:

    Nice to see you back, Kathie, and sharing the glorious images of your snow-covered land. I remember your snow-mageddon posts with a big smile. Lovely lovely bird pictures, too!


  6. Judy says:

    How nice to see a new post over here. I always love your photos! Thanks for sharing with us…a bit about your grands, the birds, your beautiful snow…and a good book! It looks like all is well in your world!


  7. Barbara H. says:

    I always love your gorgeous photos. What gorgeous birds! Fun to see all the grandkids. I haven’t read Andrew Murray in a long time but still have some of his books. Favorite cozy reads are Jan Karon’s Mitford books and Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South and Wives and daughters.


  8. Rosella says:

    So wonderful to “see” you again Kathie. Your pictures are so exquisite and the grand babies are just so precious. Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. wendyj59 says:

    I’m new to the FFF but I’m glad I stopped by to see all your wonderful photos, especially the close ups of the birds.


  10. HI Kathie! I was delighted to see your Blessings Post in my email and all your beautiful photos. The snowy scenes are so picturesque although I know that snow is all gone now. Your little grandchildren are so sweet and growing fast. I too, have been a victim of an iPad carrying grandchild and it is dizzying! LOL We are getting some light snow here this morning and there are dozens of birds around the feeders. I must fill them up again as the birds have been absent the past few beautiful sunny days. Have a blessed weekend.


  11. Jody says:

    Stunning photos!! Love the snowy pics and the bird pics too. And then there are the grandies! Oh my! They’re growing up. Fun days.


  12. Ann says:

    You live in a beautiful part of the country!!! And I love your bird pics. Your goldfinches look about like mine here in South Carolina – but we haven’t had any red-breasted nuthatches for several years. We do have the white-breasted and the brown-headed. Thank you for some beautiful pictures!!!


  13. Marta says:

    Yay you’re back!! I’ve missed your beautiful pictures! 🙂


  14. Ellen says:

    Oh boy, I’ve missed your beautiful photography, your landscape, your birds, your sweet grands. So many great images to enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend Kathie!


  15. Kim says:

    So good to see you again, Kathie! 😊 Great photos, all of them.


  16. Faith says:

    how big all the grandchildren are!! so precious!!! i loved your village pics and the birds…..just beautiful. we have nuthatches, chickadees, cardinals and bluejays all winter long at the feeder although last year we didnt see as many black capped chickadees as this year…maybe because this year we have only has TWO inches of snow all winter long???? soooo mild here this year in eastern NY until Valentines weekend when the temps plummeted!

    enjoy your weekend!


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