Beyond lay the sea, misty and purple, with its haunting, unceasing murmur. The west was a glory of soft mingled hues, and the pond reflected them all in still softer shadings. The beauty of it all thrilled Anne’s heart, and she gratefully opened the gates of her soul to it.

“Dear old world,” she murmured, “you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.”    (Anne of Green Gables, Ch 38)


Summer’s end almost always catches me by surprise. How can it be September already? I want to treasure these last lovely days even more, simply because they’re passing by so quickly.

1. I love to watch the seasons turn – you know autumn is just around the bend when the fields are ripe with Queen Anne’s Lace and goldenrod.


Queen Anne's Lace


2. Yet there are still some summerish days left and beach days are sweeter than ever!

Ross Lane_late_Aug_Josie copy

A favourite summer spot ~  Ross Lane beach with my sister, Deb, Rob, Dorothy, Josie and Oscar.


and the twins 🙂 (We’re making them beach-lovers early!)

Dorothy_RossLane copy

Doesn’t Dorothy make a beautiful mama?

3. Our swimming days are definitely numbered but there’s still plenty of kayaking days left on the calendar.


I had never kayaked along this part of Point Prim before. It’s a rugged coastline with the Island’s signature red sandstone cliffs.


This stairway is a steep climb, 


But I prefer it over this! 🙂

Point_Prim_coast2 copy

4. September brings an end to some things. My sister Deb, and her husband David, spent the whole summer on the Island this year. It was a treat to have them here for eight weeks instead of the usual three. They headed back to Toronto this week.

Deb and David2

We swam, walked the beaches, shared meals, celebrated family birthdays, anniversaries and Deb met her brand new grand-nephew for the very first time.Deb_peter

A lot of summer fun packed in!

deb Kathie car2 copy

I’m already looking forward to next year!

5.  Here’s a real reminder that we need to make the most of the last days of summer.  Roger’s woodpile – drying beautifully in the late summer sun. A promise of warm, cozy evenings by the kitchen stove.


Happy weekend!

with love,

PS for more Friday Faves, drop over to Susanne’s at Living To Tell The Story.

FFF daisies2

10 thoughts on “End of summer blessing list

  1. wendyj59 says:

    Missed this last week as your link was after mine but your photos are lovely.


  2. Summer definitely went by too fast for me and it was such a busy one. I really enjoyed your photos of the red cliffs but that staircase, and especially the rope ladder, look rather scary to me! How nice that your sister and her husband could be on the island for the summer. It certainly was a great one for good weather this year. Have a blessed week.


  3. Susanne says:

    Hmmm, I thought I had commented on this post because I remember each and every picture. But I could have read it and got interrupted…that has been known to happen when I’ve got 6 little ones here. I just love that one with the red wavy ocean and the bird in it. Sweet that you were able to spend the summer with your sister. And that rope ladder? Yikes.


  4. Faith says:

    oh i love your FFF and all these glorious end of summer photos. sigh….we still havent the time or money to do PEI but one day…..( our niece graduated fron the vet school up there this past May!! she is now in VA)


  5. Willow says:

    What a lovely Fave Fives this is! I love the photos–everything is beautiful! You are so blessed to have your sister near this summer and your sweet grandchildren there too!


  6. karen58 says:

    Your photos are all beautiful, but that first one is just stunning. Such happy family times! Blessings, indeed!


  7. Susanne says:

    Oh my goodness that picture with the red wavy water and the birds is stunning!!!! Loved the pictures of your family and your sister. So nice that you were able to spend good time together this summer. The rope ladder? Yikes!


  8. Beverly Klassen says:

    It’s been awhile since I visited your blog, and it is as beautiful as I remembered it. Your pictures are glorious and I love seeing the Queen Anne’s lace – always my favourite of the wildflowers. How special to have your sister and BIL all summer – and all those happy family times.


  9. Barbara H. says:

    Your photos are gorgeous, as always. I can’t imagine going up those stairs OR the rickety ladder! Glad you’re getting some last beach excursions in and had such a great extended visit with your friends!


  10. Ellen says:

    Yeah for sister time! I love how you embrace the beach. That rope ladder looks scary to me but happy to see the other somewhat sturdy one. The red cliffs are impressive.Beautiful photos Kathie!


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