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October’s End


Can you believe we’re almost to the end of October? Our weather has been wonderful –  lovely mild days more like the beginning of September than the end of October! It’s not hard to find reasons to be thankful so I’m joining with Susanne and the Friday Fave crew.

1.   We’ve had a few heavy frosts at night and my window-boxes were looking rather straggly. I cleaned them out for the year but I couldn’t bear to get rid of my hanging baskets. A few blooms are still going strong. In fact, the tiny white flowers are doing better than they did all summer!

My hydrangea bush survived the frosts as well. I love how the petals turn from periwinkle blue to pink, mauve, orange and silver-grey in the fall.

2.  It was so lovely and summery this week, the wackies just had to go to the beach. I forgot my camera but my iphone filled in nicely.

An October picnic! Our rule is “Bring a sandwich and something to share.”

The water was a tad chilly but we’re an intrepid group. 🙂

A walk along the shore does the heart good ~ especially with dear friends!

3. The fall colours are still spectacular!

But we had a warm, gusty wind last night, so they won’t last much longer.

I find it hard to stay in when the sun shines. The fall photo ops are quickly dwindling.

4. Speaking of photo ops, we had a fun time last weekend with John, Kathleen and family.  I’ve only just started the editing process but I had to do this little sequence for the blessing list. I laugh every time I view it.

JIP1 copy



And then, the inevitable . . .


That was the end of that pose! 🙂

5. As October slips away, the days grow steadily shorter. But even though they’re brief, they’re more lovely than ever.

The sun’s rays turn all to golden splendour.

Sophie and I like to walk in the woods on these golden evenings.

Sophie is 14.5 years and still trotting along with me.

She likes to run ahead, then turn and look, as if to say, “You still coming?”  🙂 Such a good old dog!

Thanks so much for joining me again this week. It’s been lovely to hear from so many of you.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

with love,

PS for more Friday Faves, visit Susanne at Living to Tell The Story

FFF fall background


22 thoughts on “October’s End

  1. Everybody says that this season is so beautiful, I don’t like it at all, it tells me that the colorful leaves will fall and then winter is approaching. So in short I hate this season !


  2. Oh the picture of the kiddos cracked me right up. So fun. Your golden pictures are beautiful and so nice to see Sophie is still enjoying life. You have such a wonderful friendship with your group of girlfriends. It’s enjoyable to read about.


  3. Scrolling down and seeing your photos and reading your faves was just what my heart needed! Beaches and country lanes in the autumn, happy children and faithful dogs. Thanks to our Heavenly Father for His creation and all the joys He bestows on us.


  4. I just love seeing your beautiful island in all it’s fall splendor! And thanks for taking us along on the picnic with the Wackies. You girls look like you have tons o’ fun! And those grankids — so adorable!


  5. What lovely photos and the grandkids are cute! I like your rule about bringing a sandwich and something to share. What a great idea and looks like you have a great group of friends. I envy you living so close to a beach.


  6. It has been just such a glorious autumn here in easten NY too!!

    and Kathie! is that little Josie all grown up? omgoodness!!!!! she is beautiful! I apologize for not remembering her siblings names.

    What a sweet group of friends and what gorgeous pics of all things fall. and your precious pup! a cutie!!

    enjoy the weekend.

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  7. Debbie Z. says:

    I am jealous of your “wackies” group, Kathie! Three girlfriends from church and I get together every fall for a “friends dinner” that we look forward to all year, but it is so wonderful that your group meets more regularly. They all look like dear ladies. And I have to comment on your grandson’s cow sweater. It is adorable! Did you, or another family member, knit it? That will be a wonderful keepsake.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We have two cow sweaters.They were knit by a local lady and given to our oldest two by Roger’s mom. All my boys wore them and now our grandsons wear them! It’s pretty sweet!


  8. What beautiful photos and scenery! How nice to live so close to the beach and have friends to visit it with. We have some flowers that are looking too nice to cut back, too – my hydrangeas and geraniums are doing better than they have all summer. Funny pose with the grandkids, especially the last one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’re so close to the beach Debbie – only 5 min away to our local beaches and about 45 min to this one on the North shore. The benefits of living on an Island!


  9. It’s been a glorious fall for sure and how fun that you girls could still picnic at the beach in late October. We got some much needed rain the past two days so the well is topped up again. Sophie is a sweet looking old dog. Have a lovely week ahead Kathie.

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  10. What a visual treat your photo blessing list is. I needed a break and thought I’d read through the FFFs.I am getting ready for vacation and don’t know if i”ll get to write my own FFF.

    Going to the beach with friends is always a treat. I like your motto. How nice that there is a picnic table there.

    The golden hues in your photos are magical. Having Sophie tag along is a real blessing. I miss my canine friend’s presence when I walk.

    The progressive photo essay of your grands brought a smile to my face.

    My fave photo is the reflection one. Wow. Thanks for sharing all your photos. And have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

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