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A New Year Blessing List


The Christmas decorations are all packed away, the tree is thrown out on the brush pile and the brand new 2018 calendar is on the kitchen wall. The memories of another happy Christmas time with family and friends are still fresh though. And I’m counting the blessings of sweet times gone by and more to come in a brand new year!

1. Christmas 2017

Christmas Eve service together, Christmas PJs, singsong, and on the menu – appetizers, seafood chowder and biscuits. The next day it looked like nasty weather, so we postponed our Christmas Day celebrations to Boxing Day. It worked out perfectly –  James and Nora were able to   join us for dinner and presents, before heading off to work. What a sweet surprise!

2. The “girls” had their first Christmas.

Everyone trooped out to the barn to have a visit

And to give them an extra bit of hay for a Christmas treat.

They’re getting so tame – they come right up to the gate for a little neck rub.


3. Meanwhile in London ~

Christmas pjs and seafood chowder too!

Oh how we missed these loved ones! But so glad to know they had a Happy Christmas too!! ❤

4. Beautiful winter.

Our temperatures dropped sharply right after Christmas. It was cold but so beautiful, bright and clear.

I drove up to the North Shore, hoping to see the two snowy owls that have been spotted in the National park area.

I didn’t have any luck with the owls but got some beautiful shots of the shore.

The Island isn’t ice-bound yet,

but it’s happening.

5. The nights were lovely and clear as well. I captured the full Wolf Moon rising over the church.

And now we’re in a January thaw – today’s temperature was 12C (54F). We’re expecting lots of rain with the possibility of freezing rain tomorrow. It’s a good thing the downspouts are clear (thanks sweetheart!) and the fridge is full (thanks me!). We’re ready 🙂

Thanks for joining me this week! A belated Happy New Year to each one of you – may you and yours experience a year filled with blessings.

with love, 

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11 thoughts on “A New Year Blessing List

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Kathie Happy New Year to you. Lovely pics, I will have to stop in for tea and get a look at those sheep! Adorable, nicer then cows!


  2. Debbie Z. says:

    Kathie, your winter photos are amazing with the snow and that blue, blue sky. Spectacular! What a lovely place PEI is. I love your warm family photos, too. What a beautiful bunch of grandchildren you have! And my dad raised sheep for a living when I was in junior high and high school so I love your sheep barn photos. I can just smell that wool and the hay. Thanks for bringing back good memories.


  3. So glad you had such a lovely Christmas. Loved the pic of all the little babies. We’ve had a long cold spell here with a little break, and now we’re back to cold. I want to hibernate. 🙂 Lovely photos of your area, as always.


  4. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. The children are adorable and all that snow on the beach! I don’t actually like too much cold weather but that is just so picturesque.


  5. All the snow! Tonight we are watching the freezing rain and snow and hoping it won’t affect our trip home. Snow is lovely to look at but terrible to walk on or drive in.

    It’s obvious you had a wonderful Christmastime! What a blessing it is to be near family!

    Have a happy, cheerful, bright and safe weekend.


  6. oh your winter photos are the BEST!! And those darling children in their Xmas jammies…I just love them all!
    Kathie, we had 64 F down here in eastern NY today and ALL of our measly 3 inches of white stuff is gone! (it rained all day) supposed to be freezing rain and sleet tomorrow.

    love the sheep….i MUST show my youngest daughter.

    Happy New Year to you too Kathie….maybe this is the year I can convince my Dave to take me to PEI. 🙂
    Happy Weekend.


  7. Such a lovely post with beautiful memories and photos. I love the pics of the grandkids in the pj’s. So sweet! The cold snap was ‘cold’ but nice with the sunshine. I’m not enjoying all this rain and the possible freezing rain tomorrow then the deep freeze again. Life in the Maritimes! Have a blessed 2018, Kathie. I always enjoy your posts and photos. xx Pam


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