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fff ~ blessing list

Hi everyone and welcome to Friday’s, oops Saturday’s, blessing list! Such a beautiful, full time packed with blessings!

1. I’ll start with a  family birthday celebration ~ our son, Robbie. Happy 31st sweetie! We love you and are looking forward to such an exciting year ahead for you and Dorothy!


Robbie, Dorothy & Winnie

2. Another special birthday event ~ this time a sleepover birthday party for the youngest member of the Wacky Wednesday Women.

Ang_50_collageOne of our members was sick and had to stay home 😦  We missed her but managed to squeeze in quite a bit of fun anyway with:

  • lots of laughter
  • delicious food
  • an original birthday tribute song (which I cannot post here or I’ll be in very big trouble! haha)
  • games
  • a movie (Enchanted April – one of my favourites)
  • a beauty session (I think I could have been a hair dresser in another life-time, although I’m not sure the girls would agree!!)
  • and a scrumptious brunch the next morning.

Angie_50_SmHappy Birthday Ange! We’re glad you’re so much younger than we are. You can take care of us in our old age! 🙂

3. One of my favourite Christmas traditions – baking. Soundtrack: The Five Story Mistake written by Elizabeth Enright, read by Kara Schallenberg.

scotch cookiesBrown sugar Scotch cookies (also called shortbread) exactly like my mom used to make. In my family, Scotch cookies were a special cookie only enjoyed at Christmastime. Mom always made some of the cookies plain, to others she added a dab of icing with a sliver dragée on top,  and some she cut in rectangles, iced with a glaze and then covered with chopped walnuts.

I’ve tried lots of Scotch cookie  recipes over the years but I never had much success. My shortbread was  heavy and dense. No satisfying crunch and melt in your mouth taste that I remembered from Mom’s Scotch cookies. All Scotch cookie recipes insist on butter – you can’t make them with margarine or shortening. Sometimes white sugar is used or a combination with icing sugar but my mother used brown sugar. I don’t know what recipe she had but I’m pretty sure it was like this one from Taste of Home – a very simple combination of butter, brown sugar and flour. The recipe calls for 2 1/4 cups of flour but I only used 2. The dough felt “ready” with 2 cups. I left some of the cookies plain and others I sprinkled a little raw sugar on top before baking. Now that I know the recipe works, I’m going to try some more with icing.

Island Bistro Kitchen blog has a nice article on the history and method of making Scotch cookies along with a recipe variation that looks good.

Christmas sugarcookies_13Of course no Christmas would be complete without rolled out sugar cookies. A family tradition.

Christmas cookie baking ~ 1987

Christmas cookie baking ~ 1987

3.  Performing arts students touring Munsch production across Island. Sarah’s School of Performing Arts class invited family and friends to the dress rehearsal. Roger, Kathleen, Josie and I attended

pigsI didn’t get a picture during the performance. This one is from their facebook page. Sarah played the part of the little girl in this play.  She’s having such fun performing. Josie loved it too! It was her first theater experience.

Josie_show1We were wondering how she would do but she was completely engaged with the show. She clapped and waved. The only problem was whenever she saw “Rah-rah” (Sarah), she wanted down so that she could go to her. But she didn’t fuss and, at the end of the show, she ran up and gave Sarah a big hug.

post_show hug from Josie_smSweetness!

5.  Oh dear – at #5 already! I can’t forget our lovely Women’s Bible Study Christmas party, late night impromptu carol harmony sessions with Sarah and Roger, beautiful Advent services at our church, the lighting of our own Advent wreath, reading Ann’s beautiful Advent book, our Christmas tree cutting adventure where I catapulted off the tractor but thankfully landed on my feet. Roger said it would have been a 10 in a gymnastics event!

Roger2_tractor_tree(Before I fell jumped off 🙂 )

So many blessings but I must leave some things for next week!

Wishing you much joy in this beautiful season.

with love,

PS – edited to add this sweet rendition of the Christmas story by the kids of St Paul’s Church, Auckland, New Zealand. Love it!


PPS – I’m a day late but I’m still linking up to Susanne’s Friday’s Favourite 5

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