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Autumn Gala


Hi there and welcome to Friday’s Blessing List. I took a few road trips this week – not very far mind you –  but who wants to go off the Island in October anyway? I had  my camera in hand, ready to capture Prince Edward Island’s golden autumn gala.  It won’t last much longer as we have a few blustery days coming up this weekend.

1.  As I promised last week, a trip to the central part of the Island – the New Glasgow hills.


I was a few days late – it’s hard to predict the peak.


Some trees had lost their leaves but overall the colour was still brilliant.


I love the rolling hills in this part of the island.


Oh hello to you too! 🙂

2. A woodsy walk with Sarah, Kathleen, Isaiah and Peter. (Josie missed the outing as she was in pre-school – how can that be possible??)


MacPhail Woods is a lovely place to walk any time of the year, but it’s pure magic in autumn.


Isaiah was in heaven!


running down the red dirt lane.


throwing sticks and stones in the brook, (mama’s keeping a firm grip),


balancing on logs – with just a little help.


Happy boy!

And Peter was happy too, all snug in his wrap, with Auntie Sarah.



3. We met a little friend in the woods – one who deserves her own spot in this week’s favourites.


Oh my goodness – I could have tucked her up under my arm and taken her home.


Please tell me why I don’t need a chocolate lab! I’m suffering a severe case of puppy love. ❤ Remind me we’re having twins and I don’t have time to train a puppy. Deep breath . . .  I may need an intervention! 😉 )

4.  Ahem! Moving on!!  Knox’s Dam. My childhood friends and I spent countless happy hours here, climbing the rocks, wading the streams, catching smelts by hand in springtime and skating on the pond in winter.


Knox’s Dam

It was also the spot where Roger and I had our first kiss 41 (or so) years ago! ❤


First Kiss


The pond above.


Autumn reflections

5. The Island’s narrow red clay roads are a photographer’s haven in autumn. (They’re also the bane of farmers in  spring and winter but enough of that!)


It’s rare to meet traffic here, but occasionally a farm truck will come along and then some  tricky vehicle maneuvers may be required. The roads are so lovely though – it’s worth the risk.


Walking along here, it’s not hard to imagine life a century ago.


A foliage tunnel.


“The bend in the road” ~ Chapter XXXVIII Anne of Green Gables

I hope you enjoyed the Island’s autumn gala.

Thanks for joining me!

with love,

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FFF fall background

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FFF ~ overflowing

It’s Friday and blessing list time. Can you believe it’s November 1st? October is gone. The Island is definitely on the waning side of autumn’s glory. Look what’s happened in just one week.

The sugar maple trees in our front yard on Oct 24th.

Oct_24and on Oct 31st.

Oct_31They’re almost bare to the bone.

I’ve done my best this week to squeeze every last drop of October’s glory before it slipped away.

I’ve . . .

1.  wandered through fields

Iona_field2. and through woods


3. marvelled at perfect stillness here

MacPhersons_2013and here

KNoxes_reflection4. I’ve meandered down long, quiet, country roads

Delaneyand discovered magic

Gairloch_beam25. I’ve gazed above

vertical_treeand below

fall morning 128and filled my golden October blessing cup to overflowing.

How about you? How was your week?

Thanks for taking time to drop in for a visit. I’m thankful for each one of you.

Happy first weekend of November.

with love,

PS – Thanks to Susanne, our  FFF host, at Living To Tell the Story.

FFF delicate leaves

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FFF ~ of mysteries, mirrors, memories and more

Welcome to Friday’s blessing list. Time to say thanks for the good things we enjoy.

1. Mysteries –Prince Edward Island’s red soil. I’m glad to live on an Island with red roads, fields and cliffs. It’s unique and very pretty. But we often get the question – what makes the soil red?

“Anne with an e” has an answer in the song from the musical “Gee, I’m Glad I’m No One Else But Me”. ( solution is in the second verse)

or you can go with the more prosaic answer from the PEI Island Information website. 🙂

Why is the soil red?  – The Island is formed from sedimentary bed rock of soft, red sandstone which produces the rich, red soil. The redness of the soil is due to the high iron-oxide (rust) content.

red cliffsWhen I was a little girl, I thought all soil was red. It was a big surprise when I went “off the Island” for the first time at the age of six and found out differently 🙂
(Thanks to Debbie Z for posing the question.)

2. Autumn Mirrors.

Mill pond2_2013_smMy favourite autumn photo subject-  fall leaves reflected in water. So beautiful.

Knoxes mirror2
3.  Mail – Look what arrived? My vinyl copy of the boys’ latest album. I’m planning to frame the album cover and add it to my family picture wall (which is still in the planning stages :))

My Friends_Album4. Memories – the boys climbing the bell tower in the church.

This interview was done in early spring so Polly Hill looks a bit bleak. Here’s an autumn picture.

Polly Hill_med

5. Mmm mm ~ good food! Cooler autumn weather inspires me to bake.

autumn desserts2There’s nothing like a warm and cosy autumn dessert – bread pudding and apple crisp are favourites. And let’s not forget caramel sauce – you can use it for an apple dip or if you’re really feeling decadent, pour it over the bread pudding.

Wish I could share some of it with you!

Thanks so much for coming by.

Happy weekend!

with love,

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FFF delicate leaves

PPS – you can click images to open a larger version.

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fff~a world of colour

OCTOBER was a beautiful month at Green Gables, when the birches in the hollow turned as golden as sunshineand the maples behind the orchard were royal crimson and the wild cherry trees along the lane put on the loveliest shades of dark red and bronzy green, while the fields sunned themselves in aftermaths.

Anne reveled in the world of colour about her.

Happy Friday! It’s blessing list time again.

1.  Golden as sunshine, royal crimson, dark red, bronzy green. I’m like Anne with an e ~ revelling in the world of colour around me.




2. The Island’s narrow, clay roads are magical this time of year.

Klondike_13They twist and turn over steep hills and dip through valleys.

country_road_13They lead through tunnels of foliage.

country_road2_13It’s quite easy to get lost. But not for long.

road_to_sea2Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself on a road that leads to the sea. It’s a special perk when you live on a small Island.

3. A lovely afternoon apple-picking with www friends.

apple_collageWe like to mix a little fun with our work 🙂

4. We had a lovely afternoon to celebrate Dorothy’s 30th birthday. We missed James, who had to work, and Andrew and Hyekoo in the UK, but the rest of the gang made it out to Belfast. I planned a woodland picnic because I knew Dorothy would love it. And I was right.

woodland picnic collageWhat fun we had!

Rob&Dorothy_SmLook at them – the picture of happiness. Birthday joy and something else . . .

5. which leads to my final blessing for this week. Can you guess? Look what Robbie gave Dorothy for a birthday present. Full to overflowing. Thank You Lord for tiny blessings – they’re the best of all!

And thanks to you for sharing in my joy this week.

Many blessings!

with love,

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FFF delicate leaves