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It’s the last day of September and time for Friday’s Blessing list. It’s my list of happy things. I love looking for them.  And I’m glad you’ve joined me!

1.   Flowers from seed success ~

Last spring I went to Seedy Saturday at Confederation Centre Library in town.  It’s an event where farmers and gardeners share various open pollinated and heirloom seeds. I picked up some lavatera, sunflower, various greens and pumpkin seeds to plant in our garden. I had wonderful success with my lavatera – best ever!

I’m in love with sunflowers 🙂

especially when they are backlit by a late afternoon golden hour in September.


2. Seedy Saturday wasn’t the only place we received free seeds. Sarah took advantage of a free seed offer, called Bring Back The Bees, sponsored by Honey Nut Cheerios and Vesey’s, a local seed company. They gave away 115 millions wildflower seeds across Canada! I planted the seeds in a little raised bed and they’ve been lovely!



The poppies finished a couple of weeks and I thought perhaps the blooming was over for the season. All that was left was alyssum and it was getting a little scraggly. I was debating pulling the whole thing up.  But early one morning, as I was out on a photo stroll, I was surprised by these little beauties!



Saved by the asters!

3.  Raindrops on roses everything.  Last week we had such changeable weather – dark and rainy one minute and the next thing sunlight breaking through. It made for interesting photo ops.




I love the look of raindrops glistening in the light. But I was hoping for something more. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Such a beauty!

4. The final batch of  Nannie’s Mustard pickles  finished for 2016!




As my mother used to say, ” A good job done!”.

5. and a happy husband!


I think the only thing that would make his smile bigger in September would be his woodpile! 😉

Well,I hope you enjoyed your visit this week.

And I hope you have some happy things to look forward to this weekend. I have three! Paper Lions’ big album launch  is tonight – already over 900 tickets sold! I’m totally looking forward to a great evening. Tomorrow I have an all day retreat with the women of our church. And Sunday evening Roger and I are spending  time with Oscar while Mummy and Daddy celebrate a birthday/anniversary. A fun weekend ahead!rob_oscar_sept

Happy weekend!

Thanks so much for visiting!!

with love,

PS. How do you like my new blog header??  🙂 One of these days I’ll show you my  progress attempts um . . . fun with watercolour 🙂

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FFF fall background

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Hi there and welcome to Friday’s Fave 5. The rain is pouring down today -the Island is feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Gabrielle. Not much wind, thankfully, but I’m sure glad my beloved cleaned out the rain gutters yesterday!

It’s a good day to be inside, cosy and dry, as I work on my blessing list for the week.

1. Pickles done!

Nannie's Mustard PicklesIt takes quite a while to make pickles but audio books make the chopping and stirring go by quickly. I really enjoyed listening to the stories of the famous naturalist, John Muir. His descriptions of nature are superb.

2. Exploring PEI’s coastland. With almost 700 miles of shoreline, it’s not surprising that I’m always finding new beaches to explore. I love to turn down one of the many red clay  lanes that lead through  woods and fields to the sea.

Road to the SeaYou’re never quite sure of the view that will greet you at the end, but you can be certain it will be beautiful!

North Shore, PEI

Red cliffs, North Shore, PEI3. A visit to St. Margaret’s Pioneer Cemetery

St. Margarets Pioneer Cemetery2The plaque on the cross reads:

St Margaret PlaqueIt’s the first time I’ve seen a gravestone cut from Island sandstone. Sandstone is quite brittle, and would weather poorly, so I was amazed to see intact stones dating from 1812.

Sandstone gravestoneOthers were pieced together during the restoration and laid on cement slabs above the graves

Sandstone gravestonesA local committee is doing a wonderful job restoring the cemetery. You can read all about it here.

4. A solitary walk on a lovely, still, cricket-chirping night, with a silver crescent new moon shining above.

new moon5. An evening out with Rob and Dorothy on Victoria Row – such a sweet visit! I love going out with my beloved and our children.

Victoria RowI should have taken a picture of my meal – a delicious shrimp and scallop kabob. Next time!

It’s always good to think back and say thanks for all the happiness found. I’m really only scratching the surface with these five.

And now – thanks to you, my readers, for all your visits and comments. I enjoy every one!

Many blessings,

with love,

Bonus! Just saw this on facebook – a video of my boys singing their latest release, “My Friend” . They’re on a cross US/Canada tour right now, so check out their schedule – maybe they’ll be stopping near you!

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Friday's Fave Five
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of domestic matters . . .

Satisfaction …

30 bottles of mustard pickles  – displayed on the kitchen stove.

A kind offer from DH: “I’ll carry them down to the basement for you”

The reply: “Thanks sweetie, but not just yet … I want to admire them for a few days.”

and take a picture for my blog, of course.

I’ve enjoyed an unexpected benefit in my blog photography,

domestic inspiration

There is just something a little more fun about culinary endeavors

when I know that I am sharing them with my bloggy friends.

Not to mention far-flung family who ask for pickles – recipes 🙂

And do you notice how quickly you clean up the spills? and that annoying clutter?

The mustard -stained dishcloth doesn’t add one thing to the presentation.

My beloved is catching on to blog protocol.

Like today …

I was taking some pictures of Lily, our new kitten, and Sophie for the “Sophie Project”. Little Jack didn’t get to be part of the photoshoot. He still won’t go near Sophie

Pet photography is a challenge, to say the least.

There’s no time to set things up  – you just have to  be ready to catch that sudden hiss and  swipe of the paw.

Well, Roger was watching.

He took one look at the setting and then proceeded to get rid of  background clutter.

“I feel like my life is becoming a blog post,” he said, with a smile.

But I don’t think he minds too much.

He even likes the occasional picture taken of woodpiles, gardens, tractors and trout.

“Perhaps you’d like a picture of that for your blog ” he says with a little grin.

Neatly stacked woodpiles and shining rows of home-made mustard pickles.

Domestic art 🙂

I found even more domestic inspiration  at the library last weekend.

The Gentle Art of Domesticity – stitching, baking, nature, art and the comforts of home.

An engaging book with gorgeous photos.

Author, Jane Brocket, has a blog – yarnstorm – bright and colourful, covering all things domestic

A favourite subject of mine.

Well …

we’ll be moving the mustard pickles down to the basement shelves today.

Cooler weather is setting in,

I saw the first streaks of red on the maples yesterday,

and the days that I can display domestic accomplishments

on our kitchen woodstove

are definitely numbered.

But I don’t mind

A fire burning in the woodstove is one of the the coziest domestic scenes of all.

and I’m looking forward to it.