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Blessing List


Welcome to blessing list time!

1. Little feathered visitors

Maritimers were advised to take their bird feeders down this past summer because of the avian parasite trichomoniasis. It mainly affected finches, leaving them unable to swallow. We just got the all clear to put the feeders back up.

It’ll take awhile for the birds to realize “the diner” is open for business again. But they’ll come. And I’ll be so happy to see them.

2. Nature’s decor

Every November I head to the woods and the marshes to gather greenery, berries, pine-cones, twigs and whatever else fires my decorating imagination!  I love the natural look – it’s beautiful, as well as free.

Winterberries are a must! However, it’s a bit of a challenge to get them. They grow in boggy marshes, surrounded by prickly thorn bushes. You have to fight your way through to get to a loaded berry bush. But it’s definitely worth the effort! The bright red berry adds such a lovely color pop to winter greenery.

I’m heading out this afternoon to gather some juniper sprigs as well. They grow in the woods off this little country road. The leaves are all gone now so it will be much easier to find them. I had quite a long hunt last fall. I should leave a marker this year.

This is my 2016 window-box. I have some battery operated twinkle lights to add. They look so pretty against the snow. Speaking of snow – do you know it’s also free? 😉 Honestly, Christmas decorations just don’t look right unless there’s a good sprinkle of snow! We don’t have any yet, but I’m hoping that by Dec 25th, nature will provide.

3. Family photo shoots

I think this one is my favourite ~ those smiles melt my heart!

4. A Wild Wacky Outing

Well, maybe the Wackies weren’t too wild ;), but the wind and the waves certainly were! The Island had an short-lived, but wild, windstorm this week. Wind speeds were over 130k (80mph). The Confederation Bridge was shut down completely for a few hours. That rarely happens. Hope the rest of Canada was ok while it was cut off from the Island! 😉

A rare picture of the Wacky photographer – thanks Ange!

5. Record-setting

Although it’s hard to believe, considering #4 on my list, today is a beautiful, mild day –  12C (54F). This picture of Roger is hot off the press. He’s setting a record – cutting the grass on Nov.25th. Unheard of!

I’m thankful it is so warm – because I have a record to set too. Planting bulbs! I’m very, very late.

Thanks so much for coming by! I love to hear from each one of you!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

with love,

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autumn, endless gifts, family, Friday's Favourites, Island Life

FFF ~ happiness

Happiness . . .

1. Gathering red winterberry holly on Point Prim with my beloved.

point_berries3The bright red berries, along with some deep green pine boughs,  silvery bayberry, and spruce cones, make a lovely, organic Christmas arrangement for our window-boxes.

point_berries2. And no visit to Point Prim is complete without a walk along the shore.

Point Prim_Nov13_smWatching a golden sun sink in the west

point_prim_nov_sunsetand a silvery moon rise in the east.

full_moon3.  A typical trip to town with Roger:

me –  “Stop!”

him – “Why?”

me – “the light!”

Vernon_bridge1_novHe’s very obliging 🙂

One moment everything is flat and grey, and then, suddenly, the sun breaks through the clouds. Instantaneous drama!

Vernon_bridge2_novSky mirrored below.

Vernon_bridge_nov2A little artistic license with backlight and the drama is heightened.  I’d like to paint it.

Vernon_bridge_nov44. A little more sky drama – my kitchen window sunrise view.

kitchen_window_sunrise_novIn my childhood home, our kitchen window faced the sunset. I can’t count how many evenings my mother would call out, “Come see!” and we would drop everything to join her in the beauty. I don’t call my family for the sunrises – I’m not quite sure they’d appreciate it at that time of day 🙂 But we do share the sunset views from our deck. Isn’t that such a lovely God gift? So stunning and absolutely free to enjoy.

5. Top favourite? A visit to Josie’s house.

Josie_stairs“Watch me climb the stairs Nannie!”

Josie_wheelsSingsong with Gramp – “The wheels on the bus go round and round”. Melt. my. heart.

and here’s a bonus Friday Fave ~ the first snowfall of the season

Am_goldfinch_nov13_smThe snow didn’t last, but rest assured, there’s more where that came from!

Thanks so much for dropping in for a wee visit.

Happy weekend!

with love,

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