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December 1st Blessing List


Hi there! Mr Squirrel and I want to give you a very warm welcome to Friday’s blessing list! He’s a very good-looking little chap and posed nicely for his picture. I think he deserves to be the featured photo on this week’s Friday’s Favourites!

And here’s another extra – taken just this morning. The sun came up in a blaze of golden glory. I grabbed my camera, ran outside, (yes in my pjs!) and captured the magic seconds before the sun disappeared behind the clouds.

Such beauty in nature! And it happens every day – what a gift! I’m counting it along with these:

1. Wonder

I’ve had a movie gift card tucked away in my purse since last Christmas and I finally used it this week. Sarah and I, along with some friends, saw the movie Wonder. It’s based on the book by R. J. Palacio. It’s a heart-warming movie, with a beautiful message of kindness and friendship. It has its comic moments too. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in years.  And now I really want to re-read the book.


2. Audio-books

I love listening to audio-books when I’m doing household chores. I discovered this series a few years ago and  listen to it every year. Dr Chrissi Hart (who has a lovely English accent) reads every single book in the Narnia tales. And does an awesome job! And on top of that? It’s free! Check it out here

3. Baking

Baking is one of the household chores I do as I listen to audiobooks. But I love to bake so I’m not sure I’d classify it as a chore. 🙂 I recently tried a new recipe for Ginger Crinkles – a favourite cookie around here. I’ve tried lots of recipes but this is one of the best – Jamie Deen’s Old-fashioned Ginger Crinkles  Spicy, chewy and so good! Just in time for Christmas baking. Do you bake for Christmas? What are your family’s favourites?

4. Grand-daughter time

Josie got off the school-bus at our house for the very first time last week. What fun! We had a snack and then played a game. I bought this Memory game at the Missions store. After I explained the rules, she proceeded to win the game hands down!  Smart little cookie! and pretty too. Here she is with John, all dressed up for a Father-Daughter Princess Ball in aid of A21.

A proud daddy and an excited little girl!

They had such fun!

5. 1st Birthday

Cian, our youngest grandchild, and the fourth of the 2016 babies, turned one year old yesterday!

I had fun creating this watercolour birthday card for him!


Happy birthday sweetheart!! Wish we were with you to celebrate your special day! ❤


So glad you joined me this week! Thanks for coming by!

Many blessings,

with love,

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November thanks


I’m late – I’m late – for a very important date . . . Friday’s Faves! 🙂

(but never too late to count blessings)

  1. Sunshine

We anticipate dark and moody days in November so every bright sunlit day is a gift.

2. Warmth

Our unseasonably warm fall has vanished. The days are chilly and the nights are below freezing, so the warmth of the woodstove is especially appreciated. The comfortable old chairs, the singing kettle, the lamplight in the evening and the piles of books make this the coziest spot in the cold weather.

3. Home-made goodness

There’s nothing like sitting down to a bowl of hearty home-made soup on a cold day. There was no recipe for this soup – just whatever vegetables were in the fridge or the cold cellar, thrown in with a little hamburger and a can of tomato sauce and paste. Spices, a few bay leaves, and then simmer all day. Delicious. Enough for home and some to share with a good friend who was under the weather this week.

And you can’t have soup without biscuits – not on PEI anyway! This poor old recipe has seen better days. It comes from the PEI Women’s Institute Cookbook, which I received for a wedding shower gift over 41 years ago. As you can tell, it’s a well-loved recipe. You can substitute butter for the shortening – or use half of each. Also, you can use part whole wheat flour. They won’t be quite as light, but they’ll still be very tasty.

The trick with these biscuits is don’t handle them much. It will be a sticky dough. That’s why I cut them in squares – there’s less handling. Let me know if you try them! They’re so good spread with butter and molasses. (a Maritime tradition!)

4. My happy place

I started dabbling in watercolours a couple of years ago. I like to make birthday cards for the family. It saves a little money and supports my habit hobby! 😉 The giving of the birthday cards has become a sweet tradition. They all seem to look forward to see what I’ll create just for them. I painted this woodland birthday teaparty for Ivy and Ezra’s first birthday. It makes me smile to look at it.

5. And speaking of the twins’ birthday party.

A bottle of champagne was popped and we toasted the twins, Robbie, Dorothy and all who helped get the babies through their first year. It was an amazing team effort, with the lion’s share done by Dorothy and Robbie, of course. We’re so proud of them and their sweet little family!

And there’s my Five – albeit, not on a Friday 🙂

Thanks for joining me!

with love,

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fff ~ blessings

Hi there and welcome to the weekly blessing list hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

It hasn’t been hard this week to find five favourites.

1. The top of the list has to be Josie’s first visit out to visit Nannie and Grampie in Belfast.

What fun!

2. And of course, right up beside Josie’s first visit is the reason for the visit – her daddy’s birthday!

27 years ago! A sweet little bundle who has brought us so much joy.

Here he is playing a game of birthday basketball with his brothers, Kathleen and Sarah. I laughed when I captured that expression – such a typical John look!

3. I just shake my head in wonder, and a little disbelief, to think of Roger holding John Alec in the picture above and holding that baby’s daughter in this one . . .  our wee grandgirlie.

Such a little dollie!

I’m afraid the birthday boy was somewhat eclipsed by the newest member of the family . . . but he didn’t seem to mind one bit! It was sweet to watch the Josie love filling the room.

See the little hands clasped?

Happy sigh . . .  if only her Uncle Andrew and Auntie Hyekoo in London could have made the celebration. Soon, I hope!

4. Here’s proof that I can take pictures of other things besides a new little granddaughter *grin*

John’s Birthday pie! He requested his favourite butterscotch pie. This recipe is sooooo delicious! And aptly named “Nanny’s Butterscotch Pie“. (had to get another grandbaby reference in!!)

And my pie crust turned out perfect –  if I do have to say so myself 🙂

(that phrase makes me smile – it was one of my mom’s favourite!)

This time it wasn’t only me who said it ~ everyone agreed!  I always follow my mother’s recipe, a variation of the recipe on the Tenderflake lard box. She added 2 tsp brown sugar and a tsp of baking powder. My pie crusts are (almost) always good – as long as I don’t forget them in the oven 🙂

But this time it was exceptional.

I think I may have discovered the secret!

The directions on the box read ” Add only enough liquid to make dough cling together”.

This may have been the first time I ever, really, followed that “to the t”.

I was very sparing with the liquid mixture, adding it a bit at a time. I think I used closer to 3/4 cup of liquid rather than the whole cup. I actually thought the dough was a little dry. I had to patch it in the pie plate. But I didn’t add water like I normally would do. I just pressed it in with my fingers.

Lemon Chiffon pie

Oh. my. goodness! It really did melt in your mouth. I made 3 pies from the dough so far and there’s enough left to make 1 more pie.

Hmmm . . .  maybe Lovella’s chocolate cream pie this time!

5. My final favourite for the week? An early spring for PEI! Hooray!

I think we’re at least three weeks ahead this year.

This picture was taken at the beginning of the week. The tulips are almost open – I can see them outside the kitchen window right now. A spring rain is pouring down and the earth is drinking in all that glorious springtime freshness. A bit of sun tomorrow and everything will pop!

Happy times.

Thanks so much for coming by for a visit. I wish you and yours every blessing!

with love,