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FFF ~ golden days

Hi there and welcome to Friday’s Fave 5. It’s been a glorious week here on the Island ~ sunny and mild ~ perfect weather for getting outside to enjoy the autumn splendor.

1. Every year, I make a trek to Moore’s Bird Sanctuary to try to capture this scene ~  my tree trio. 

Moore's_tree_trioIt has to be timed perfectly to get the three trees in full autumn leaf. The change varies from year to year so I’m never quite sure when to go. Some years I head over too early and one tree is still green. Other years I go too late and the leaves are fallen. This year? Perfect timing!

2.  A WWW birthday and another golden, October afternoon.

Clyde_trailOur WWW birthday girl, Sherry, chose the destination ~ a picnic spot on the  Confederation trail  right beside the farm where she and her husband began their married life together.

Clyde_view2_smThe beautiful rolling hills of Clyde in central PEI.

Clyde_view_smEverywhere we looked, autumn splendour!

CLyde_view5It wasn’t only a feast for the eyes.

The general WWW food guideline is “bring a sandwich and something to share”. Simple and saves countless email planning.

Sherry's_trail_bday6 But on birthdays, we like to add a little something extra special.

Sherry's_trail_bday2Happy Birthday SherryHappy Birthday Sher!

3. A visit to the pumpkin patch with Sarah and Josie.

Baldersons OctSuch fun making memories!

4. An easy and festive Thanksgiving centerpiece. I’m not particularly gifted with flower arranging or gorgeous tablescapes, as some of my blogger friends are, so when I saw this easy  – ahem  –  pretty! idea online, I copied. Simple yet festive.

thanksgiving_centerpieceOur Thanksgiving table was loaded with all the bounty of our garden harvest. The only thing missing were the two faces we love in the UK. (((Andrew &Hyekoo)))

Thanksgiving_20135. My final fave was our  Thanksgiving hike. It’s becoming a family tradition, although last year it rained, so games were the order of the day. This year the weather was glorious, so after the main course we headed out.

 Thanksgiving family hike

Thanksgiving family hike

After the walk, we went back home to a game of football (for some – dishes for others 🙂 thanks girls!) then dessert, (pumpkin, apple and butterscotch pie) and a noisy game of Dutch Blitz. A very thank-full day. I’m so grateful to the Lord for all His goodness and the countless blessings we enjoy.

And do you know what? You are on my blessing list too! Thanks for coming by!

with love,

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FFF delicate leaves